Thursday, 13 May 2010

Saw KISS last night

Saw KISS last night at Wembley Arena. OMG. It was the best show/gig I have EVER seen. They are officially the best live band and possibly my favourite band of all time along with Zeppelin, Sabbath, Jimi and Bowie. They were ridicuous last night! Gene is like 60 or somthing and Stanley is 58 - how in the world are they still flying around the stage/arena on zip wires? This band will never stop. The new Ace Frehely known as Tommy Thayer - man - he shred the shiz out of that les paul. Also another little shocker was when he said 'Watch this London' and aimed his guitar at the stage lights and SHOT a firework out of it and hit a light which came immediately crashing to the ground. INSANE. Another of my favourite was when Gene was lifted into the air after his 'blood' mouth performance, right to the top of the arena. That must of been a bit of a sick feeling when he actually looked down onto thousands of people from that far up. It's like a horrow show, but better as it's all stage and no sick.
That's one of the best things about KISS - their not just amazing musicians with the best melodies, their showsters. Fire, fireworks, blood, make up, zip wires and the most lights I have ever seen, you could feel the heat of those monster flames from the middle of the arena! This band are incredible. No bands today could get away with this budget-lious show and look cool - they all have to do is look depressed and wear a check shirt and boat shoes to impress the teenagers out there, nothing like the real Rock Stars I saw last night.
Basically I'm telling you all to get out there and see them before they stop touring (which I doubt) as you will never see anything quite as glamourous and exciting as KISS on the stage.

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