Thursday, 29 October 2009

Top 5 Creepy Houses

1. Amityville House - 112 Ocean Avenue, NY

On November 13th 1974, Ronnie 'Butch' DeFeo shot and murdered his family, blaming it on an intruder.

2. Ed Gein's House - Wisconsin

3. 23 Cranley Gardens, Muswell Hill

Home of 80's serial killer, Dennis Nilsen.

4. The Shining Hotel

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy

5. Tate House - 10050 Cielo Drive, Los Angeles

Sharon Tate was murdered by members of Charles Manson's "Family" and their bodies discovered the following morning by Tate's housekeeper.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Top ten songs I like now


1.Aladdin Sane - David Bowie

2.Your Loss, Your Regrets - DTN

3.My Name is Jonas - Weezer

4.Ottoman - Vampire Weekend

5.Queen Jane Approximately - Bob Dylan

6.Used for Glue - Rival Schools

7.Angelfuck - Misfits

8.Girls Girls Girls - Motley Crue

9.Hideaway - Karen O and the Kids

10.Young Blood - The Bronx

Let The Right One In

let the right one in Pictures, Images and Photos

Ive just finished reading this book and well, I think it might be easily one of the best books I've read. It makes me really happy to think Morrissey was big part of it too, however they are not alike.

'Let The Right One Slip In'

Let the right on in
Let the old dreams die
Let the wrong ones go
They cannot do
What you want them to do

I highly recommend this book to any of you.
The film is out too, which I am yet to see, but will update you all when I do.

Let the right one in Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Clark & Michael

Clark Duke and Michael Cera Pictures, Images and Photos

This show was recorded in 2007 by Clark Duke & Michael Cera. I honestly haven't found a funnier show apart from maybe Arrested Development. It's a shame this never got aired over here, but just so you guys can see it, i've posted it.

Bad or Good album covers?

I was looking around the Internet today and found something amazing. I remember when Sophie came to stay at my house she showed me this website of worse album covers of all time or something. I just found more. Definitely feel a project coming and I actually think their pretty cool.
Feast your eyes on THESE BABIES....(I've picked my favourites)

Worst album cover Pictures, Images and Photos
Bad album cover Pictures, Images and Photos
Riot Fire Down Under Pictures, Images and Photos
let me touch him Pictures, Images and Photos
Bad album cover Pictures, Images and Photos

NOTE: I was going to put U2 on here, but I don't even want them on my page. U2 you disgust me.